TH Department Virtual Activities

While access to the CERN site is restricted due to the Covid-19 emergency, the TH Department is continuing its scientific activities remotely. As the CERN-TH visitor programme is temporarily suspended, we are especially eager to involve the international theory community in our activities, making all our events easily accessible to everyone. This page is meant as a portal for “CERN-TH Virtual Visitors” as well as a resource for CERN-TH members. It documents all events we are organising, from standard seminars to informal “virtual coffees”, which are discussion sessions devoted to specific research areas. 

An updated list of events is available through our CERN-TH calendar. Clicking on the event title you will be directed to the corresponding Indico page with the Vidyo link. Everyone is welcome to join, but guests must sign up with their full names; anonymous participation is not allowed. Information on how to install Vidyo is available at the bottom of this page.

Mailing lists
If you would like to receive information about scientific activities at CERN-TH, you can subscribe to one or more of our mailing lists. In particular, we encourage all interested external theorists to subscribe to our broad mailing list which is used only for general scientific information and which is a useful tool to reach the full community of theoretical particle physics.

TH Colloquia
This is our main seminar series, dedicated to colloquia of general interest to all theorists in particle physics and neighbouring fields. They usually take place on Wednesdays at 2:00pm.

BSM group

The BSM Forum is an invited seminar talk which takes place every Thursday at 3:00pm and is open to the community. The schedule can be found here

Cosmology and astroparticles group
Our weekly seminar is the cosmo coffee on Wednesday's at 11:30 am, which takes place either virtually or in hybrid format. The Zoom room for the virtual coffees and talks can be found here

Lattice group
The lattice QCD group's virtual coffee takes place Tuesdays at 4:00pm and Fridays at 10am, providing an opportunity for the group to stay connected, chat about the newest papers, and also to discuss the progress of group projects. In addition, the group will host virtual seminars as announced on the INDICO page To join the mailing list for announcements by the lattice group, click here.

QCD group
QCD Journal Club take place on Tuesdays from noon to 1:00pm. On Fridays, we invite everyone from the community to join in our QCD seminars. The  QCD seminars' agenda can be found here. An open mailing list has been created to exchange infos about QCD-related activities: To subscribe, click here. Your registration will be subject to validation.

Strings & QFT Group
The group's virtual journal club takes place on Mondays at 1:30pm. Strings virtual seminars take place on Tuesdays at 2:00pm. Both activities can be accessed via the CERN-TH calendar and are open to everyone.

Heavy ion group
Daily heavy ion virtual coffees take place 13:30-14:00pm. On some days the coffee is combined with internal discussion and occasionally the coffee will include a seminar by an invited speaker. See for the agenda.

Virtual Pub Quiz
As a social activity in times of social separation, members of CERN-TH are hosting a virtual pub quiz, every Friday at 9:00pm. This event is open to everyone, including friends and family of physicists, and mimics a real pub quiz/trivia night with questions generally not physics related. Join the pub quiz through this Vidyo room. To join the mailing list announcing the details of the next quiz, click here.

CERN-TH Mattermost workspace for internal discussions (access restricted)
featuring the following discussion channels:

  • Town Square : general discussions on topics relevant for all TH members (access restricted)
  • Journal Club : interdisciplinary discussions on scientific topics among all TH members (access restricted)
  • Dedicated CERN-TH channels for the individual groups and various other topical channels (access restricted)

Internal TH meetings
We have regular meetings, which are restricted to the members of CERN-TH:

  • weekly TH Staff meeting: Friday at 11:30am
  • weekly TH Staff+Fellows meeting: Wednesday at 15:30

While we recommend that you consult the CERN-TH calendar to view current events, here is a schematic summary of the schedule of our regular events.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Lattice coffee
11:30  TH staff meeting *    Cosmo Coffee    
12:00   QCD Journal Club       
14:00 String journal club Strings seminars TH colloquium   QCD seminar
15:00       BSM forum  
Lattice coffee
21:00         Virtual pub quiz
  * restricted to TH members    


Installing zoom
Users does not need to download and install the Zoom software, as zoom can be run in the browser.

Links to Virtual Theory Seminars from other Institutions: