Staff positions

6-year Staff Position in Lattice Quantum Field Theory

The CERN Theoretical Physics Department (CERN-TH) announces the opening of a 6-year staff position in the area of Lattice Quantum Field Theory (LQFT). Candidates must have an exceptional curriculum, with fundamental scientific achievements in LQFT. The successful candidate is expected to play a guiding role in LQFT research activities at CERN, help managing the local HPC cluster, and participate in the scientific life of CERN-TH.

Interested candidates can send an expression of interest via an e-mail message addressed to TH-LD-Staff-search. No CV and/or recommendation letters are needed at this stage. The search committee will approach a selected number of candidates for further information. We also encourage nominations, which can be sent to TH-LD-staff-search . Strict confidentiality is guaranteed for both applications and nominations. The deadline for applications is March 5, 2018.

Postdoctoral positions

The CERN-TH has openings for multiple CERN Fellowships (postdoctoral positions) each year:

  • For nationals from member states, the application deadline was September 4, 2017 for fellowships starting in 2018, we expect the next deadline to be in September 2018.
  • For nationals of other countries, there are non-member state fellowships. The deadline is October 15, 2017 for fellowships starting in 2018, for information see here.

CERN-TH Fellowships are normally awarded for a two years and exceptionally for three years. On average the number of CERN-TH Fellows present in the member and non-member categories is about 27 and 4, respectively.

Fellow contracts usually start in the autumn of a given year (October).

The Theory Division also hosts other Fellows who are paid through external sources (Marie-Curie Fellows, Fellows supported by ERC grants, special national programmes, etc.). While it is possible to have such a fellowship and subsequently a CERN fellowship or vice versa, the total time spent as a fellow at CERN may not exceed three years.

Further information is provided by the general CERN Fellowship and GET(*) pages, which include detailed eligibility information. 

Please keep in mind the early (late August or early September) deadline for member-state postdocs: almost every year we have a number of good but late applicants who cannot be considered. Unfortunately these deadlines lie beyond our control. While the CERN-wide fellowships also have openings with a March deadline, those openings do not include any theory fellowships.

Our offers (for member state postdocs) are usually sent out early, however CERN-TH has signed the agreement on the "Theoretical High Energy Physics Groups Common Deadline for Postdoc Offers". This means that no postdoc is pressed to commit herself/himself before Jan 7 of the following year. 


We welcome applications for EU Marie-Curie Fellowships. Such applications require a letter of acceptance from us prior to the application. We will apply the same standards for Marie-Curie and CERN fellows and therefore acceptance is not automatic. If you wish to apply with us for a Marie Curie fellowship you will need to inform us several months before the EU deadline so we can assess the applications.


Moreover, CERN-TH occasionally has openings for scientific staff positions of limited or unlimited duration. They are formally announced here. Normally these positions are filled via nomination rather than by application.


* GET = Graduate Engineering Training


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