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Please fill in this form if you wish to visit make a short-term visit to CERN TH (from a few days, up to a maximum of 3 months).

Note: TH takes 6-8 weeks to review applications, so please apply sufficiently in advance of your visit


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Please see our visa instructions if you think you might need a visa.

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Please Note

ALL CERN visitors are expected to have their own insurance for both health and work accidents.

If you have not visited CERN TH in the past two years, please send an updated CV to Jeanne Rostant (

When you press the Submit button, the above information will be transferred to Jeanne Rostant, who will take care of your request. You will receive a copy of your application by email (to the address you specified above). If you do not, it could be because you mistyped you address or because the email ended up in your spam folder. Please try again and in case the problem persists contact us.

All applications for short-term visits are screened by a visiting committee that meets every 6 weeks (except in the summer months).

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