Laptop registration

If you are a short-term visitor, and you are a registered user of Eduroam at your home institution, you should be able to connect without further ado. See CERN's "Eduroam for visitors" page for more information.

If you are here for a longer period, you can use any electronic device at CERN (and as many as you need), provided you have registered it. 

You can register your device(s) either before your arrival, or once you are at CERN. The procedure works both for ethernet and wireless connection

  • If you are already at CERN : if asked, select the CERN network. Open a web browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari...) and you will be directed to the registration page (**). Fill in the sections marked with (*). If you do not have a CERN computer account, as CERN contact use the name of Gianolio Elena (PH department, DI group). In the section Network Interface Card insert the hardware address (also called mac address) of your device, select the card type, wireless or ethernet, depending on which one you are registering, then do not forget to click on the Add button. At this point the hardware address will be moved onto the right section (Interface Card(s)). If you wish to register both ethernet and wireless you can add both card numbers at this point. If you don't know both card numbers, then follow the procedure in this paragraph twice, once with the cable connection and once with the wireless connection - in this way the card address will appear automatically. Once you have registered your computer you will need to restart it (***).
  • If you wish to register your device(s) before your arrival: go to the web page and follow the instructions given above.

For any question or problem do not hesitate to contact Elena Gianolio.

(**) sometimes on Windows computers the registration page will not appear automatically. This can be due to the settings of your computer. Check if you are running a program that blocks connections with a free network.

(***) sometime on Mac computers, even if your computer is registered, your browser still shows only the registration page: this is due to the cache of your browser. Try to clear it, or simply move to another web page (e.g.

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