Check-in procedure

If you are coming as a visitor:

  • A few days before your arrival, send a message to the TH secretariat to request a visitor’s pass valid for your day of arrival.  Please mention whether you will be needing access for your car.  Once this is approved, access will be issued in the form of a passcode to be printed before your arrival or at the entrance to the CERN site, enabling your access.
  • Once on the site, if you arrive between 8:00 and 17:00: go to the CERN gate directly or to the reception Bld 33 if you need to print out your access pass using the passcode (mentioned above. In both cases once you are on the site proceed to the TH secretariat, office 4 2-004, for the necessary formalities.
  • if you arrive after 18:00 and you have a room reserved in the CERN hostel, if you do not have it with you, you can print out your passcode from the machine in the phone box at the Main Entrance B and come to the TH secretariat the following day.
  • If your visit is for at least one month, or if you plan to visit TH department regularly during the year, please make sure that prior to your arrival, you have discussed this with the secretariat and started the long-term registration with them, if necessary.  More information on the long term registration procedure, as well as the template for the accompanying document (Home Institute Declaration form) can be found here:
  • (please note that the period of association for the Home Institute Declaration form, should start on the first day of your visit and end one year later, or end on the last day of your employment contract if this comes sooner).

If you are a future CERN employee (Staff, Fellow, Paid Associate), you will receive the details of the check-in procedure directly from the Personnel Office in charge of the contract.