EU Grants and financial supports in TH

TH acknowledges generous financial support from EU grants and other external sources.


ERC Advanced Grant (main host institution University of Oxford)
PI : Gavin Salam
Jan 2018 - Sep 2024 
The goal of the PanScales project is to deepen our understanding of, and to improve, the core, parton shower, component of general purpose Monte Carlo event generators, the most widely used theoretical tools in particle physics.
Fellowship: Alba Soto Ontoso

ERC Starting Grant
PI : Alexander Zhiboedov
Jan-21 Jan-26
The goal of the project is to develop new nonperturbative methods to compute Lorentzian observables in quantum field theory and quantum gravity. These include scattering amplitudes, event shapes, as well as thermal correlation functions.
Fellowships: Matthew Dodelson, Robin Karlsson
Studentship: Miguel Correia

ERC Advanced Grant (main host institution CEA Saclay, PI: David Kosower)
PI at CERN: Zvi Bern
Jan-21 Dec-26
A central goal of the project is to apply scattering amplitude methods to greatly improve the theoretical tools available for calculations of gravitational waves in General Relativity.
TH collaboration and visit: David Kosower

ERC Starting Grant
PI: Irene Valenzuela
Oct-22 Dep-27
The goal of the project is to determine the constraints that Quantum Gravity imposes on low energy physics by uncovering the fundamental principles that underlie the Swampland conjectures.
Fellowship: Bernando Fraiman

ERC Consolidator Grant
PI : Pier Monni
Nov-22 - Oct-27
The goal of the JANUS project is to develop new perturbative techniques to advance the theoretical description of multi-scale problems in scattering processes, within the fields of resummation and parton shower Monte Carlo generators.
Fellowship: Belong Liu

CERN-Korea collaboration
PI : Hung Do Kim
Mar-22 Feb-25
Hire one Korean fellow every year in the fields of CERN theory division
Fellowships : Gongjun Choi Oct-21 Sep-23, Saebyeok Jeong Sep-22 Aug-25

PHOBIDE - Marie-Curie Fellowship
Supervisor: Gian Giudice - Researcher: Matteo Fael
Oct-22 Sept-24
The goal of the project is to establish the theoretical foundation for the study of non-standard interactions in inclusive semileptonic B decays driven by b→c and b→u transitions.