For Ukraine

Since 24 February 2022, following the invasion and subsequent escalation of aggression by Russian armed forces, a humanitarian crisis has been unfolding in Ukraine, an Associate Member State of CERN. We wish to express solidarity with our Ukrainian colleagues, their families and the entire Ukrainian people. Our thoughts are with everyone who is suffering as result of this unjustifiable war. We also express our support to the many members of the Russian scientific community who stand for peace and protest against their government's actions.

This page collects initiatives by the international scientific community to support our Ukrainian colleagues and more broadly scientists affected by the war, aiming to connect those wanting to help with those in need of support.

I. Support and initiatives provided by CERN-TH and CERN:

  1. CERN-TH has an active short-term visitor program. Scientists at risk will be given special consideration.
  2. CERN has launched a special call for postdoc positions for Ukrainian scientists.
  3. We encourage students from Ukraine to apply to the CERN Winter School on Supergravity, Strings and Gauge Theory that will take place in January/February 2023

    We have dedicated funds for financial support.
  4. Initiatives by the CERN community:


II. Initiatives by the scientific community and opportunities for scientists affected by the war:

  1. Global Research Groups Supporting Ukrainian Scientists provides a list of research groups supporting Ukrainian scientists with student / visitor / postdoc funding. 
    Please add new entries here
  2. Science for Ukraine: database of positions and accommodation for Ukrainian students and researchers.
  3. Online seminar series Ukraine Seminar in Fundamental Physics, to promote scientific interaction with Ukrainian scientists during wartime and to lay the foundation for future scienticic collaborations and exchange visits.
  4. Organizations which provide supports for displaced scholars in general:
    Scholars at Risk,
    Scholars at Risk Europe
    The Institute for International Education: Scholar Rescue Fund 
  5. Funding agencies and universities have special programs for scientists and students affected by the war. Many such initiatives can be found here. For convenience we list a few of them here as well: 

    Austria (JESH program, FWF),
    Brazil (University of Sao Paolo),
    Bulgaria (accommodation support for scientists and their family),
    Canada (Perimeter Institute),
    Czech Republic (Charles University Prague),
    Germany (DFG, Volkswagen foundation, Humboldt foundationoverview of support offers (DAAD)),
    France (PAUSE program and a special call for Ukrainian scientists),
    Israel (Weizmann Institute, Tel Aviv University, Hebrew University),
    Italy (ICT Trento),
    Poland (Polish Academy of Sciences, Jagiellonian U. Krakow),
    Sweden (Swedish Foundation of Strategic Research),
    Switzerland (SNSF and more information here, Bern University, Zurich University),
    USA (Harvard)

    Member universities in the Coimbra group

    Positions offered within existing ERC grants

    EURIZON FELLOWSHIP PROGRAMME “Remote Research Grants for Ukrainian Researchers” . This call provides temporary fellowships to teams of vulnerable researchers, working remotely from Ukraine, on research projects conducted in collaboration with partners from European research institutions.

  6. List of visiting positions and PhD positions in mathematics in USA or Canada.
  7. Other webpages which also collect and list initiatives to support scientists affected by the war:
    Resources for scholars in danger
    The Ukraine Network (support for students and researchers from Ukraine)
    Support offers from the European Federation of Academies of Sciences and Humanities
    Support offers by YERUN (Young European Research Universities)
    Support offers by Coimbra Group
    Russion Opposition Scholars-at-Risk
    Science4refugees by the European Commission
    Southeastern European Network in Mathematical and Theoretical Physics
  8. Information for universities and institutions willing to offer support:
    USA (Physics for Ukraine and APS)
    Webform collecting opportunities in research groups
    Partial funding at European institutions through the breakthrough prize foundation

III. Statements by Russian scientists against the war in Ukraine;


IV. Petition open for signature by researchers, students and members of the scientific community in solidarity with Ukraine.


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