Printers and other hardware

As a visitor, you can print at CERN and you do not need a CERN account but your device needs to be registered at CERN and connected either to the CERN network or to Eduroam - both are equivalent (see Laptop section

There are different possibilities to print at CERN as a visitor depending on your Operating System:

If you are a visitor it doesn't matter which kind of device you have - laptop, smartphone, tablet with any operating system, as soon as it is connected to the CERN network and you have a mail account (no need to be a CERN email account !) , we strongly encourage you to use the Mail2Print service , (in particular in case of a short visit) which allows you to print very easily just sending an email. For instructions please read here

If you insist in installing the printer on your device : 

  1. If you are using Windows 7 or higher, Download & execute the following application
  2. For a Linux Laptop, please go here
  3. If you have a Mac  you can either use the printservice or you can find here the instructions about how to  install a printer manually.

on CERN desktops      ** (you need to be admin or root  on your machine)


List of printers available in our group

All our printers are 2-sided printers. Please limit the use of the colour printer to real needs.

Mail and Print room (4 2-002):

  • 4-THCOM : HP LASERJET P4515 (*) B/W A4
  • 4-2-THCANONC3 :  CANON IR-ADV C5840 Multifunction : Scanner Photocopy and Color printer. Both A4 and A3 

Corridor of the second floor of Bldg 4: 

Corridor of the first floor:

(*) for Mac computers : select HP 4010 series.

Other hardware available in TH

A Color Scanner and a Photocopier machine are availabe in the TH print room: 4 2-002. Concerning the scanner please note that names are ordered by first name