Lattice@CERN 2024

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Lattice Quantum Field Theories provide a systematically improvable framework to predict non-perturbative observables from first. principles. Lattice QCD predictions for several observables have reached a level of maturity where a community consensus has been reached and all systematics are believed to be understood and controlled (decay constants, quark masses). Some more complicated observables have not reached that stage yet, and work continues to be done in order to fully understand all systematic uncertainties or in some cases, discrepancies between different calculations. The Theory Institute LATTICE@TH 2024 is dedicated to inverse problems (8-12 July 2024) and weak matrix elements (15-19 July 2024). Inverse problems appear in various applications of lattice QCD, such as inclusive semileptonic decays, spectral reconstruction methods, PDFs and simulations of finite temperature/density. Weak Matrix elements describe quark-flavour changing transitions, that combined with experimental measurements can be used to extract elements of the Cabbibo-Kobayashi-Maskawa matrix, contributing to precision tests of the Standard Model. We will address the status of semileptonic heavy-light form factors for pseudoscalar to pseudoscalar and pseudoscalar to vector transitions, nucleon form factors, the treatment of unstable final states, long distance contributions and the inclusion of QED for these observables. The aim of this Theory Institute is to bring the leading researchers in lattice QCD together. We plan to have 2-3 talks and ~2 discussion sessions per day. This format is intended to also provide ample inspiration and time for informal discussion. We aim for a diverse field of participants and believe this will add value to this event.


Organising committee:Mattia Dalla BridaMichele Della MorteMatteo Di CarloFelix ErbenElvira GamizAndreas JüttnerSimon KuberskiAmy NicholsonAgostino PatellaJ. Tobias Tsang

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