Near detector physics at neutrino experiments

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There is a renewed interest in light, weakly coupled states motivated by a number of questions like dark matter, ev-keV scale sterile neutrinos, the idea of new gauge interactions, low-scale neutrino mass models and leptogenesis.

The near detector facilities of neutrino experiments provide a unique laboratory for this type of physics and given that DUNE and T2HK are in the planning stages, it appears timely to initiate a conversation between the wider theory community and the experimental programs to explore the physics reach and potential for optimization. This workshop is the first of a series of two: The workshop at CERN, June 18-22, is aimed at defining questions for our experimental colleagues and to set the stage for the second workshop in fall at Fermilab. The format of the June workshop is discussion based and only a very small number of talks per day are foreseen to allow ample time for discussion. Therefore, the number of participants is limited to 20. The fall workshop will be more traditional in format with a bigger audience with large participation from the experiments.

This workshop is part of the  CERN Theory Neutrino Platform activities and will be carried out in coordination with the Fermilab Theory group.

Talks are by invitation only, if you are interested in giving a talk please contact the organizers.

Registration:  The attendance will be limited to around 20 people. Applications to attend will be open until late May, 2018 but the sooner you register the better.

Organisers : G. Barenboim, P. Hernandez, P. Huber, J. Kopp, S. Parke, S. Pascoli and T. Schwetz

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