School on Continuum Foundations of Lattice Gauge Theories

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This school aims to strengthen the interface between continuum methods and lattice quantum field theory (QFT). The mathematical foundations of four topics frequently appearing at the forefront of current lattice QFT research will be explored in a 6-hour couse. The topics are:

  1. Modern use of unitarity constraints for phenomenology (Gilberto Colangelo - Bern)
  2. Inverse problems and their applications to the lattice (Luigi Del Debbio - Edinburgh)
  3. Foundations of quantum computing (Zohreh Davoudi - Maryland)
  4. Resurgence and the need for non-perturbative methods (Gerald Dunne - Connecticut)

These lectures will provide the participants with a deeper understanding of the underpinning concepts and will create opportunities for interdisciplinarity between lattice practitioners and specialists in these related fields. The school is aimed at advanced PhD students and early career postdocs.

The participation fee of CHF 100 includes the reception, coffee breaks and the school banquet.

Full consideration will be given to applications received by 15 March 2024.


Organising Committee

  • Justus Tobias Tsang (CERN, Chair)
  • Michele Della Morte (SDU)
  • Matteo Di Carlo (CERN)
  • Felix Erben (CERN)
  • Andreas Jüttner (CERN/Southampton)
  • Simon Kuberski (CERN)
  • Alexander Rothkopf (Stavanger)
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