String Geometry and String Phenomenology Institute

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This two-week programme investigates the fruitful interplay between string theory, high energy particle physics, quantum gravity and geometry in the context of string compactifications.

The first week (17-21 June) is in the format of a smaller workshop, with ample space for discussions and interactions.

The second week of the programme (24-28 June) is devoted to the annual String Phenomenology Conference.


Topics include:

  • Swampland and Quantum Gravity Conjectures 
  • Formal and Mathematical Aspects of string compactifications (such as F-theory, G2 compactifications, heterotic compactifications, and other corners of the string landscape, e.g. non-geometric compactifications)
  • String Model Building in particle physics and cosmology
  • Machine Learning Techniques to explore the String Landscape


Key Speakers include:

  • Bobby Acharya
  • Massimo Bianchi
  • Andreas Braun
  • Andres Collinucci
  • Joe Conlon
  • Michele DelZotto
  • Frederik Denef
  • Giuseppe Dibitetto
  • Anamaria Font
  • Antonella Grassi
  • Elias Kiritsis
  • Magdalena Larfors
  • Stefano Massai
  • Roberto Valandro
  • Patrick Vaudrevange
  • Dan Waldram


As organisers of this conference, we feel responsibility for its environmental impact, and will do our best to minimize it. We believe that as a community, we should take our share on this matter. We refer you to a list of suggestions, the "Green Tips", to help us in this goal.

Local Organizers:

David Andriot, Alessandra Gnecchi, Seung-Joo Lee, Wolfgang Lerche, Fabian Ruehle, Konstantinos Siampos, Timo Weigand


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