Topological Effects in the Standard Model: Instantons, Sphalerons and Beyond at LHC

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This workshop will explore possibilities to probe rare topological effects within the Standard Model, such as QCD instantons or Electroweak Sphaleron signatures at the LHC. While signatures of QCD instanton processes have been sought already at the HERA collider and significant theoretical work was done in the 1990s, electroweak sphalerons received recently some more attention, also in the view of possible future high energy colliders. The work-shop will also cover the experimental challenges in searches for instantons and sphalerons as well as the discovery potential at the LHC. 

It will be an entirely virtual workshop over three afternoons to review the current theoretical status and also the potential pitfalls in the underlying theoretical calculations. The workshop will be discussion-oriented with only two talks and one discussion session per day. 

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Organizers: Chiara Caprini (APC-Paris), Tancredi Carli (CERN), Matthias Schott (Gutenberg University Mainz), Matthew McCullough (CERN).

Application deadline : December 11, 2020 h23:59


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Matthias Schott,Tancredi Carli,Dr Chiara Caprini,Matthew Philip Mccullough