Ultra-High-Frequency GWs: A Theory and Technology Roadmap

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This workshop is part of the Ultra-High-Frequency Gravitational Waves initiative (see the website of our initiative) and comes after a first meeting held at ICTP in Trieste in 2019 (see the website of the first workshop) that led to a review paper on the subject.

The aim of this meeting is to foster the technology development that is necessary to get to ultra-high-frequency gravitational wave detection. In particular, we will discuss

  • the science case for UHF-GW searches
  • new detector concepts
  • feasibility studies and construction of prototypes for proposed detector concepts
  • coordinating an international effort to support collaborations working on UHF-GW detectors

The workshop will combine theoretical developments regarding GW sources in different parts of the ultra-high-frequency band with experimental concepts aiming at probing them.

Each day we will have a discussion session with the aim of setting up working groups around one or more detector concepts and/or theoretical aspects of sources, which will be encouraged to continue their work after the end of the workshop, hopefully contributing to the technology development that is needed to make concrete progress in the field.

If you would like to contribute a talk, please contact the organizers.

We warmly invite all participants to join our mattermost discussion channel. To join for the first time, please use this invitation link. For instructions and help debugging, see here.

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