Happy New Year 2022

The CERN Theoretical Physics Department would like to wish you a happy and successful start to 2022
Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, as of Monday 10th January 2022 CERN has moved to Covid-19 Level 4 - Red. For fuller details, please consult the usual channels, which are regularly updated (https://hse.cern/covid-19-information)

The TH secretariat will be on-site only on Mondays but still reachable by email (th-dep-secretariat@cern.ch ) and by phone Julie (74222), Marie (72233), Michelle (72817) according to the regular working hours of the week so please do not hesitate to send an email or call.
For any computing assistance, please contact Elena directly either by email or phone (Elena.Gianolio@cern.ch  74751).